Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Same but different

Checks & Balances

I actually wrote something out and just erased it, proving I have a conscience. Not because it was rude or disrespectful, mind you, but just in case it would be misconstrued as such. This was a very boring post.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Somebody Got Tebowed Real Bad...

...I'm not gonna say who...but I think you know him very well. 316? Go get em', boy!

Dream Merchant

Was thinking about scapegoats the other day. Had this dream that reminded me of this short story i read in high school. I think it was called 'the lottery' (again, instead of googling it for 2 seconds i think i'll just assume).

Once a year, residents in this small town showed up at the town square in their Sunday's best. I think they put their names in a hat. I'm not sure if the winner was the last person chosen, or the first one drawn out a box.

Anyway, what the reader doesn't find out until later is that the "winner" is actually exiled from the town, as a form of population control. Or killed. Don't remember, and again, google, 2 seconds...
Pretty sad and changes the perception of winning the lottery from that elderly man at the lotto stand with the scratch and wins, to a more Clockwork Orange type of deterrent.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


July, dude...Last post was July. I remember when I was on a roll, it seemed like just yester-month...BAH, no time for that, gonna get back to some regular posting like Andrew Bynum.

Dear diary...I've missed you so...   :..(

Also, I got attacked by Zoidberg for no reason.