Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It ended on Sunday, but I'm lazy, so I choose to talk about it today. I don't wanna post anything of length since this guy, these guys and probably even this guy have the skill & the patience to make it interesting, but I will say this: 'twas fun!

I chose to be frugal this con, but I got a few great sketches, including a Joe Benitez stunner that was probably the result of our lengthly discussions of all things mystical. the Aspen booth was great, (DAVID WOHL!) and seeing Alvin Lee and Mike Choi again was nice. As some of you know, I never post sketches, so if you wanna see 'em, look for the little brown guy with the big black sketchbook.

The costumes (ie: tiny pieces of fabric) that a lot of people were wearing were pretty eye catching (read: ass out) but I only took a pic of one, as far as the rest I'm sure they're just a google click away.

I got to play God of War 3!!! It felt like I would imagine E3 to be like, except without as many snobby journalists and more of an overall nerd factor. I played on the screen that also connected to a 52" screen, so I was putting on a show with my clothes on, but I couldnt clear the demo in time... I also tried Ratchet, and I bugged one of the Sony promotions guy to tell me how he got hired.

There were other gaming competitions, with counterstrike, SF4, and an amazing Canadian Championship Final with guitar hero. It was unbelievable.

Speaking of SF4, I met the lead producer of the game Yoshinori Ono and I got my game and a poster signed by that sweet lovable Japanese man!

It was also pretty laid back, since I haven't paid attention to comics for about a year, so I didnt need a ton of signatures. I went to some cool panels for the different genres, and learned something about making short films, which will come in handy sooner than I hoped.

The sketch duels were sick and the Saturday night UFC fight, that Shane bailed on halfway through was noyyce.

But I simply cannot end this post without mentioning the altercation that Shane had with the legendary Iron Sheikh and the Honky Tonk Man of WWF fame. What started as an attempt to fake a misunderstanding with the wrestlers and Shane over money, turned into a drunken mess of aggression that ended in youtube gold.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

you know what??

...fuck it. I'm done drawing the same shit I've been drawing. so lemme just dump all my stuff now, so in the near future, I can show everyone I can do more than what I normally show. So sick of looking at everyone else's beautiful drawings, and me being stuck at the same level for awhile. Line in the sand, motherfuckers , LINE IN THE SAND!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So I've been studying some different iterations of magic over the last few hundred years, and well...don't be surprised if my curse words start sounding like straight up curses, son. '.'

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Didn't think I had it in me, did you?
In celebration of my just recent 1 year anniversary to the world of blogging, I'm making an effort to update this regularly, for real this time. I been out of comics and switched back to videogames as my new nerd hobby, but that doesn't mean I can't still draw right?
Well apparently it did, but I can change!