Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palpable Perception

Is there a way to see colours more intensely? Not with 'shrooms, I mean is there something we can derive from internally that would intensify something so we could perceive an object to be more than it really is?
I'm not speaking about ideas or events, just things like a building or an open road seeming more vibrant...obviously if they're full of Spring Breakers and dixie cups it would be, but I don't mean it that way but a lot more simpler. A predominately red billboard being seen brighter and more fluid than the simple crimson cardboard it usually is...this isn't working out. I'm gonna eat, then think about it in my sleep.


Dylanio21 said...

Nah man, I get what you're saying, I see it in comics all the time, I imagine Jack Kirby's fighting american on white with a simple blue to grey scale over him and it just pops right off the page, it's intense and amazing.
I strive for it but it has yet to be reached.

BloodyBrianBot said...

that's interesting. It's like part imagination, part intuitivity.