Saturday, March 20, 2010


Alice in Chains are the shit. Plain and simple, Grunge and grunge era is king for me. I haven't listened to the radio for years, even when I worked at a music store. I saw them again this week at the Sound Academy, and I was happily surprised at the passionate crowd. Like Jerry and Shawn been saying, " we're not doing this for the money, there is no money in music anymore." They funded their last album with their savings, so I'm glad they went gold in Canada (same night as the show!) and are approaching that in their home country.

I always sound like an old hack when I say these things about rock music, but the funny thing is, many people feel the same way to the point that the demand is there for all those guys to return to touring! AIC, STP, RATM, Soundgarden are back like Nate Drake, and the bitching will officially cease real soon!

Anyways, show rocked, didnt get my own pics, coulda lost my phone in the pit so I stole some from the site from the same show.

And, a huge friggin raccoon crawled around the rafters to catch/crash the show. Even natures bandits want the grunge the revival. See you at the Soundgarden tour, critter.

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