Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was at the best comic shop ever, Excalibur in Etobicoke( look it up homies), and I had a great conversation going with the owner about how the youth of our nation are squandering their brains like complimentary garnish. I mentioned how kids dont think about much anymore, he suggested they're all too consumed with various media thrown in their face to naturally form their own opinions on things. I chimed in with my story of my coworker who associates every real life instance with a Family Guy episode. It's horrible, but I bring my ipod now.

Anyways, to make a long story longer, I also spoke of their aspiring creativity, or lack of it, and their desire to create something out of nothing, in whatever media pleases them. I also said kids don't play instruments anymore, they play Guitar Hero. I like GH, but when I was growing up a lot of us picked up an instrument somewhere down the line, but that natural discipline has dissipated. While we were finishing up our conversation, in walks a kid to buy some cards, maybe 10 years old with a pair of drumsticks in hand, and a drum lesson instructional book wearing a hoodie that had "Think." printed on the back of his hood. I couldn't believe it man, but I did, cause it was there in front of me and I'm Pisces. God Bless.

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