Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blind Fury

Sometimes, flicking through channels has its rewards. Freestyle Friday. 106 & Park. This show man...I can't even tell you how hyped up I used to get listening to Jinn tha MC or Paperboy coming out of that. Unfortunately neither achieved much success but , hey the memories are there, for me at least.

It used to be one of those things we used to talk about in High School the next Monday, like "yo you seen that shit Goooddddddammmmmmnnn!!!!" During Jinn's rise, they even had sponsors for just that 5 minute section of the show.

Anyways, the other night made me rekindle that love of antagonistic programming once again when I seen this dude called Blind Fury.

He tore ass. I'm telling you...he ripped butt...and he's blind. You know how much shit this guy must have went through to get this far? I mean, just youtube him for the last couple weeks and you'll see how personal these guys get at him. My favourite was when he pulled out a surprise for one of the guest judges Chris Brown. This is nice.

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