Thursday, April 7, 2011

Synchronicity Part Deux!

I meant to post this soon after my Blind Fury post, but I was with some friends talking about that guy, Blind Rapper slicing rappers to pieces, and I start thumbing through a copy of Inked magazine. I'm telling you, if you haven't thumbed through this mag yet, you're missing on some eye candy, sweet sweet nectar. It showcases tattoo artists from far and wide, and has great cultural pieces, history, gang culture, all of that.

Anyways, so I'm talking and thumbing and we start getting technical about Fury, like, there's gotta be some kind of sense of visual perception. He can't be 100% blind can he? I figured it's like that commercial where this kid is at a street corner, making fun of a blind man with a walking stick. The kid starts waving and hopping in front of the guy's face like a douchebag. Then as soon as he turns around, the blind guy starts imitaing him perfectly, with the message explaining the whole partial perception thing.

So after I explain that, I figured his sight resembled Daredevil where he goes by vibrations like a bat. Two seconds after that, the very next page, what do I see but a splash page of a guy with an incredible daredevil tattoo.

I almost jumped from my seat. In fact, I made a weird noise when I motioned them to check out what just happened.

So for the tl;dr people, this shit happens alot. Don't deny it, cause there are no coincidences. And there are no rules, when you've got play-doh.

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