Saturday, May 14, 2011

Art-official Intelligence

It's great when you see someone's idea come to proper fruition in the form of an artistic concept. I will use DeviantArt as an example again, simply because of the amount of talent and tutorial training that's being freely represented from all over the world, for one big audience. To see the creative process or to hear them speak on it is no different from the ambition of anyone else. The difference is that they've acquired the skills to make that idea (nearly) come to life.

It's like when I'm feeling like running through some covers on the acoustic. After a minute, I feel in the mood to write my own, but I don't have the skills to get that outside my head and on to the page so the guitar gets put down for awhile and that's the last stop.

You can stay travelling in circles of this boulevard of broken dreams pity party or you can learn from it, and as long as you're enjoying the process, then you're cruising.

Have your pets spayed or neutered, goodnight everyone

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