Sunday, May 15, 2011


A few days ago, I was at a friends house waiting for her to get ready to bounce. She was taking forever, and that's me saying this being the type of person to wake up, chillax, shower, chillax, stretch and chillax, in that order. I did that AND fixed up the living room and she was still getting ready.

Maybe she finally decided to check my blog? Nope :( cause when I went to check , she was putting on her lipstick listening to Fergie pretending she didn't notice me noisily opening the door halfway. She started exaggerating her movements like she was doing a photo shoot so I started laughing. She threw a sock at me. (?)

Recently, I was thumbing through a magazine, and saw a pic of a lass applying makeup. When I got home, I pulled a Gabrielle Dell'otto and remembered the pose, drew it, added colour and emailed it with the "glamourous" lyrics.

I'm glad I was at my apartment when I sent it. She can't throw that far :p

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