Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seedy Thoughts

Jim Lee was asked at a Toronto con a few years ago what the weirdest things he sketched on were. He said everything, cars, clothes, blah blah, and he mentioned a drum set. It was used by John Dolmayan from S.O.A.D.

John's a huge comic book fan, and I'm pretty sure he owns some sort of comic warehouse somewhere, according to my memory of his printed intentions. I read an interview how his drum kit has all kinds of badass artists drawing right on the kit including Art Adams, Tim Bradstreet and Bill Sienkiewicz.

They're very well done , too, you'd assume there'd be comprimises of the cylindrical variety taking place but no the quality is there. Side note, check out the youtube video of Jim Lee drawing on Kevin Smith's inside door of his own comic shop. Trust me, look it up.

So I'm wondering , since an artists effort is partly a base level need to express oneself, would it be akin to the biological need of spreading seed?

I'm saying, you're art is solely you, an amalgamated expression of life experiences and individual persepective, partially contributed to hardwire genetics splattered on a page. It's like DNA! Jim Lee busted a nut all over John's drumset, and we ALL benefit from the endorphins.

I need a cigarette.

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