Monday, April 11, 2011


Now in Technicolour! Remember that used to be the tagline? Updated technology, kids, watch our show! So, Thundercats. Very dear to the breast for me. There will be a reboot, linky here. People have issues with the redesigned costumes. I think they look great, the animation studio has a good rep, and Cheetara is still hot. One of the producers admitted that the whole reason this got greenlit was because the execs wanted that action figure chedder. U mad? I don't wanna hear no ranky, 'bout "it's not the same, they shoulda been left alone"...HEY! I don't like LOTS of modern takes on things. I'm from the generation where Saturday morning cartoons in your pj's eating fruit loops was the only way to start a weekend. We had absolute classics, back2back. Things change, but we can change the channel. Give it a chance, i say , cause it looks like awesome beef. And if this is successful? Bring your rainboots cause the floodgates will be staying open for a decade or so with hopefully some of the prettiest, regurgitated ideas the cartoon network can take a shovel to, ya dig?

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