Monday, April 25, 2011

My Saturn Return

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I've learned some things over these last couple years, man. Not just lessons, but there's been a shift in the way I think, and my sensitivity to certain things have been heightened too. I always thought that with all the chaos and changes in my life then, that there must be a point where things start to make sense again. It was an interesting time, not saying things are settled now and I have everything perfectly planned but in contrast, there is a huge transition from before. I can't remember the last time things made as much sense to me. Trimmed the fat, reprioritized, woke the fuck up.

It's hard to express, but it doesn't matter if I do or don't, it still exists. Sam Cooke was right.

The necessity of this mental, spiritual , situational, whatever transition I'll attribute to cosmic energies, cause it just sounds cool and certain things speak sense, smell me?

Some things happen in time, not by accident. Lots of forces to embrace. Just the way things work, I think. I don't wanna get too talkative on this cause I could never make things make sense typing anything out, I sound like Ramblin' Jack over here. The point of this blog is passionate like that? But if anyone is reading this and would like me to elaborate, send money & concert tickets. Everything is smoother than a dolphin's forehead.

Love is Love

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